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Blue Lake Caldera
Blue Lake caldera, Americana Song Camp, near Sisters, OR
  October 2016
Dear Companions,

Greetings from North Carolina and the International Bluegrass Music Association's annual trade show and conference. I will be participating on a lot of different events, including a panel discussion on building and maintaining a band, dealing with writer's block, hosting a songwriters' showcase along with Keith Little, playing a couple of showcases with my band, and fielding a good amount of interviews. And then, of course, there is the constant visiting and catching up with old friends and music, music, music at all times of the day and night. We step off the stage on Friday at noon, immediately get transported to the airport and fly home to the Bay Area in time to get a little sleep before the madness begins at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Yipes!

This last month had Tom Rozum and me spending a beautiful, invigorating, inspiring and exhausting few days at the Americana Song Academy. It is held at Caldera, a beautiful conference center and camp set on the edge of Blue Lake, "The Crater Lake of the Central Oregon Cascades." The lake is fed by underground springs and is over 300 feet deep. The sides are super-steep and the water is incredibly clear and cold. Some of the folks at the camp reveled in an icy dip in the below-50-degree waters. Not me, though I flirted with the idea for awhile. Standing on the dock one day, I looked down into the depths, where I could see fallen trees far below me completely clearly, and I saw something that I first thought was a log moving. Turns out it was a slow-moving sturgeon! It must have been huge! And it looked so prehistoric, all bony and long and angular (for a fish). Of course, I was alone and couldn't share it with anyone. 

We arrived back in Berkeley just in time for rehearsal for our annual Bill Monroe birthday celebration. That night went off without a hitch, and we all had such a great time playing and singing songs from Monroe's enormous repertoire. Then it was off to the American River Music Festival. The weather was perfect, and the river was wet. Now I am enjoying the warm, humid embrace of late summer in North Carolina. It's so intensely green, after the sere hills of the Golden West. A welcome respite for these weary eyes. 

All the best,

FRI, SEP 30, 11:00 AM
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands, with special guest Alice Gerrard
Wide Open Bluegrass Festival
Red Hat Amphitheater
Raleigh, NC

SAT, OCT 1, 12:00 NOON 
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 
San Francisco, CA

Laurie Lewis
Yosemite Songwriting Retreat 
Yosemite Bug Mountain Resort 
Midpines, CA
Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum 
Occidental Jam
Occidental Hotel
Buffalo, WY
October 13 - 15, 2016

SAT, OCT 15, 7:00 PM
Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum
More Than Music Benefit Concert
Bomber Mountain Civic Center
Buffalo, WY

SUN, OCT 23, 1:30-4:30
Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, with Nina Gerber and Max Schwartz
Glorious Gardens and Bluegrass
Mendocino, CA
A Benefit for the Mendocino Music Festival

Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Strauss Hall at Hancher Auditorium 
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

SAT, OCT 29 
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Armatage School 
Minneapolis, MN 
presented by the Homestead Pickin' Parlor
October 29, 2016

SUN, OCT 30, 4:00 PM 
Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
Chicago Bluegrass
American Legion Post 42
1030 Central St
Evanston, IL

SUN, NOV 13, 3-6:00 PM
Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, Paul Knight, and Keith Little
Roaring Donkey
146 Kentucky St
Petaluma, CA
Always free!

Wish us luck!
This coming Thursday, September 29, 
is the International Bluegrass Music 
Awards Show. The Right Hands and I Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands
are up for an award for our rendition of
Hazel Dickens' great song, 
"Won't You Come and Sing For Me." 
The category is Gospel Song of the 
Year. I think it would be fantastic if this 
lovely song about the power of music and community were to win. 

In addition, I will be co-presenting an award for Male Vocalist of the year with the wonderful Claire Lynch. I have my wardrobe all picked out and ready to go. Now the question is, will I be able to read the teleprompter without my glasses? They don't go with the outfit. Wish me luck with this, too.

It has been a very long time since the band and I have played anywhere in the Midwest, and I am really looking forward to playing this month in Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. If you have friends in the area, please let them know that we will be out there. Or if you have been patiently waiting for us to come visit you for a long time, now is your chance. The band is cookin', and we are rarin' to go. Please join us and help us spread the word. Thank you in advance. We will see you soon!
Metolius River water
Metolius River water, central Oregon