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"My friend came over the other day with three darling, twentysomething, adorable girls; they're called the T Sisters, and they sang all afternoon a cappella. It was so great! I would have given anything to throw a harmony on, but still I loved it."

~ Linda Ronstadt


The TSisters are an authenic family band from Oakland, California. The group’s subtle throwback aesthetic calls to mind classic trios past, from the Andrews Sisters and 1960′s girl groups to the sirens from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? Anchored by diverse influences spanning folk, country, gospel, Americana and early-90′s R&B, each sister brings a unique vocal and lyrical style to a repertoire that is at once modern and timeless.


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Chris Strachwitz, Down Home Music


"I heard the T Sisters at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley the other night when I went to hear Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum, and Nina Gerber play songs from their new album (See Above). During the first set these three sisters -- Erika, Rachel, & Chloe Tietjen -- joined Laurie on vocals only on one song. To open the second set, Laurie gave them a solo number, which was very enjoyable. The next morning I listened to their new CD actually all the way through, a rare thing for me! I was really delighted with their sound, which reminded me of the Andrew Sisters back in the 1940s. The interplay of their voices is just pure delight. Although on the record they have a lot of people playing behind them, the arrangements are really tasteful and never dominate the sound -- it's the voices up front that grab you."


John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music Review


Erika, Rachel & Chloe Tietjen (looks Dutch or Flemish to me, but, according to the Internets, it’s a German name) sang harmony vocals on Laurie Lewis’ One Evening in May (reviewed 4/14), and they reunited for the sisters’ first full-length album, produced by Lewis and released on her label. One’s first reaction, as with the fiddling Quebe Sisters, is astonishment at the technical expertise. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, the Tietjens have been singing together all their lives, “making up songs and writing plays together in the attic of our grandparents’ house,” and along the line decided to make something of it–an unusual credit goes to a voice coach, Colleen Donovan, “who helped us hone our sister singing.” The backing musicians, with whom I’m not familiar but if they’re good enough for Laurie Lewis, that’s good enough for me, do fine work, but the standout tracks are the a cappellaThe Wind, Bones (and the only cover, Paul Simon’s American Tune, plus You Don’t Know which features subtle percussion by Linda Lowery (sic, Ed note: Linda Tillery). Contributing almost evenly to the 11 original songs, the sisters are also off to a good start as coming-of-age songwriters, but it all comes back to the interplay of their voices. Comparisons with legends are usually suspect and shallow, but, while I’m not hearing LaVerne’s contralto, I can see why The T Sisters remind Arhoolie Records’ Chris Strachwitz of The Andrews Sisters. With elements of folk, country, gospel and jazz, I guess they’ll be labeled “Americana.” I’ll just call it “What’s Not To Like?”


Song Titles

You Don't Know * Seduction of Spring * Woo Woo * Not Be The Same * Train Wreck * It Was Me * The Wind * Molasses * But Not For You * Bones * Broken Wings * American Tune