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Earth & Sky

Rounder 0400

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"Girlfriend, Guard Your Heart" (RA)(Listen)
"Don't Get Too Close" (RA)(Listen)


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Laurie Lewis with many others, including Tom Rozum, Tim O'Brien, Sam Bush, Mike Marshall, Kathy Kallick, Russ Barenberg, Jerry Douglas & Mark Schatz.

"All of Laurie Lewis' qualities as a vocalist, an instrumentalist and a bandleader are on display here; but the real purpose of this collection is to remind us of what an extraordinary songwriter Laurie is. The terms bluegrass and folk certainly apply, yet her songs stretch far beyond those categories. You'll find Caribbean currents, new age air and the fire of love, as well as the earth of her homegrown country, folk and bluegrass tunes as you listen. Her scope may be broad and her styles diverse, but Laurie Lewis has a singular, steadfast gift -- songs that abide with us and linger in our hearts. Songs that endure. Songs that last like earth and sky." --Robert K. Oermann, from his liner notes Earth & Sky contains highlights from Laurie Lewis' three Flying Fish albums, plus four previously unreleased tracks.

Song Titles

Girlfriend, Guard Your Heart * Green Fields * Don't Get Too Close * Love Chooses You * Texas Bluebonnets * Fine Line * Old Friend * The Maple's Lament * The Bear Song * The Light * The Point of No Return * Restless Rambling Heart * I'd Be Lost Without You * The Hills of My Home * Haven of Mercy * Magic Light


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