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The Oak and the Laurel

Rounder 0340


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"Teardrops Falling In The Snow" (RA)(Listen)


Grammy nominee for Best Traditional Folk Album of 1995.

The music of Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, while steeped in traditional styles, is a strong brew all their own. Not content to faithfully reproduce what came before, they draw on the passions and sensibilities that are at the foundation of rural roots music to build a new form. Whether singing Laurie's exquisitely crafted songs or bringing new life to Everly and Louvin Brothers' standards, the two combine their voices in effortless harmony. Tom's mandolin and Laurie's fiddle are there as well, providing lovely accompaniment -- along with guests Mike Marshall, Nina Gerber, Craig Smith and others.

Song Titles

Sleepy-eyed John * Tom & Jerry * The Oak and the Laurel * Poor Country Boy * Sleepy Eyes * My Dixie Darlin' * Clark and Hazel * The Lighthouse * Teardrops Falling in the Snow * My Baby Came Back * Texas Girl * Millionaire * Dream of a Home * So Sad to See Good Love Go Bad ('96 Grammy nominee!)


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