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  • Restless Rambling Heart

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    "Maple's Lament" (RA) (Listen)


    This 1986 album includes seven Lewis originals, alongside songs learned from Bill Monroe, Cousin Emmy, Tim O'Brien and Judy Sanders. Produced by Tim O'Brien and Laurie Lewis, the album features Lewis on vocals, fiddle, acoustic bass, hardingfele and O'Brien on mandolin, harmony vocals; Greg Townsend, guitar; Mark McCornack, banjo; Kate Brislin, lead vocal on "The Cowgirl's Song"; Kathy Kallick, harmony vocals; Sally Van Meter, Dobro, Joe Goldmark, pedal steel, and others.

    Song Titles

    Bowling Green * The Cowgirl's Song * Restless Rambling Heart * Cry, Cry, Darling * Stealin' Chickens * The Maple's Lament * Here We Go Again * Green Fields * Hold To A Dream * I'm Gonna Be The Wind * Haven Of Mercy

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