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Seeing Things

Rounder 0428


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CD: $18.00


"Visualize" (RA) (Listen)


Laurie Lewis with Tom Rozum, Todd Phillips, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Billy Lee Lewis, Rob Ickes, Sally Van Meter, Cris Williamson, and more.

"Laurie Lewis is a singer, writer and performer of the pure American song. Her music feels like coming home." --Patty Larkin

Seeing Things captures Laurie Lewis at her best, expanding on her legacy as a singer / songwriter and acoustic musician and stepping out rhythmically and lyrically into new territory. Accompanied by a cast of stellar West Coast musicians, Laurie delivers her most energized performance to date.

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Song Titles

Blue Days, Sleepless Nights * The Refugee * Visualize * Kiss Me Before I Die * Let The Bird Go Free * Bane and Balm * I'll Take Back My Heart * Tattoo * Angel On His Shoulder * Manzanar * The Blackest Crow


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