Laurie Lewis Filmstrip Heading
  • Cliffs of Vermilion
    Peter McLaughlin

    Dog-Boy Records 02


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    CD: $18.00


    "Augusta Ridge" (RA) (Listen)

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    Produced by Laurie Lewis - Laurie also sings and plays fiddle & bass, with Tom Rozum, Todd Phillips, Craig Smith, Tony Trischka and others.

    Song Titles

    * Augusta Ridge * Cliffs of Vermilion * Your Saddle is Empty, old Pal * Pickin' Peppers * Last Letter * Cole Younger * Georgianna Moon * It Ain't Right * Cottonpatch Rag * Ghosts of the Walls * St Anne's Reel * Fisher's Hornpipe * Bird in the Wood * Quaking Aspen


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