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An undiscovered talent. The track "Who Will Watch The Home Place ?" was stunning and I quickly found the album it was on - True Stories - and purchased it. I first came upon the name Laurie Lewis from a Bluegrass sampler. I can only say the rest of the album is as good, if not better, than that sample track. Laurie's voice has the adaptability to cover several styles, including cajun, showcased on this album. Maybe she is already well known in the U. S. A. but here in Britain she remains an undiscovered talent. I have been collecting records for 40 years and this one is certainly high on my list of all time favourites. Check out the samples, you won't be disappointed.


Walnut Valley Occasional
(Rounder Records, 13 selections; 50:08)


Voted top female vocalist in 1992 (by the International Bluegrass Music Association), Laurie Lewis' story is that she skillfully delivers and writes many forms of music. From traditional to folk, country, Cajun, blues, jazz and bluegrass, her writing, playing, and singing are right on the mark with heart. Each song included on True Stories has the ring of truth, not one feels like "filler." Produced by Mike Marshall and Laurie Lewis, with support from her band Grant Street and a stellar line-up of guests... this album is another giant step in her already remarkable journey. Fine work.


Laurie Lewis has enjoyed most of her support from traditional bluegrass and folk audiences, and yet, she's hardly a slave to tradition. A varied release, True Stories ranges from the traditional Irish song "Singing Bird" to the country gems "Who Will Watch the Home Place," "Still a Fool" and "Val's Cabin" to folk-pop numbers like "Knocking On Your Door Again" and "Swept Away." The Bay Area native is as excellent a songwriter as she is a vocalist, and it isn't hard to imagine "Val's Cabin" or "You'll Be Leaving Me" being big country hits with slicker production and some of Nashville's promotional muscle. Lewis' audience is a small one, but her music is definitely well worth getting to know. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide