Spruce and Maple Music

Spruce and Maple Music

Laurie's Newest Album "and Laurie Lewis"
"and Laurie Lewis"


On her new album, "and Laurie Lewis," Laurie presents a collection of duets, joined by ten West Coast musicians with whom she has shared touchstone moments throughout her career.


The Label

Laurie Lewis launched Spruce and Maple Music as an independent record label in 2001 with the release of "Kristin's Story." Now, nearly a decade later, we have a small catalog of critically-acclaimed releases to our name. 


The Publisher

Spruce and Maple Music is an ASCAP-affiliated publishing company, administered by BMG Chrysalis .


The Name

Why "Spruce and Maple?" Aside from being beautiful trees, spruce and maple have been the most commonly-used woods in the making of violin family instruments for the past 400 or so years. The top of a violin is generally spruce, while the back, sides, and neck are maple. Together, spruce and maple are the perfect combination of tone woods, when it comes to bowed instruments. Fiddle-obsessed singer and writer Laurie Lewis founded the company, and gave us our name.